Eid-el Kabir, a call for Reflection

Today the Muslim ummah world over mark the feast of Eid-el Kabir. This festival is meant to celebrate the faith of Prophet Abraham who accepted to sacrifice his son to God in obidience to God’s command. God in return gave him a ram instead to do the sacrifice.

As we celebrate this festival which many will take a whole week to “jolificate”, it is good to reflect on certain realities in our national life.

Abraham’s obedience in sacrificing his son gave him a place in God’s heart and men’s memory. Abraham didn’t lose his son but his generation became as much as the sand of the sea. In Nigeria today God has given us a beautiful country with very beautiful laws, how do we obey these laws? Today Nigeria has been destroyed by people who lead without obeying the laws of the land. Our leaders can’t sacrifice for the country. Nigeria is bleeding from left, right and center because there is no sacrifice. The festival of Eid-el-Kabir should teach us the importance of obeying laws of the land and sacrificing for the growth of the nation. Our obidience and sacrifice for fatherland will make us a better nation in the community of nations.

May God almighty give us the grace to live a worthy life that even generations unborn will continue to celebrate us.

Barka da Sallah
Comr Martin Iorsamber
SDP Senatorial Candidate for Benue North East 2023


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