1. My attention has been drawn to a fabricated poster of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), which has my name, image, and other personal details, including a wrong age for me, edited into it with the intent of misleading the general public, particularly constituents of Ado/Ogbadibo/Okpokwu Federal Constituency into erroneously believing that I am a wanted person to the anti-graft agency.

2. I hereby categorically state that I have no case with the EFCC, an organization with which I have fostered a good working relationship as expected of every patriotic citizen that recognizes the importance of fighting corruption given the negative impact it has on Nigeria. In this regard, I visited the EFCC early this year to discuss collaboration on how to combat crimes, so the Commission would have easily contacted me had there been a need to.

3. Furthermore, I have never blackmailed anyone in my life, not blackmailing anyone, and will never do. I challenge anyone who has facts that I at any point blackmailed or defrauded them to come forward with evidence. I am ready to pay back in ten folds anyone that can establish that I cheated him or her.

4. Consequently, as a law-abiding citizen, I will report this malicious usage of the EFCC’s image for creating a fake poster to the Commission, the Nigeria Police Force, and other relevant law enforcement agencies for investigations with a view to setting the records straight and brushing off this attempt at tarnishing my image.

5. I want to assure constituents of Ado/Ogbadibo/Okpokwu Federal Constituency that I am contesting to become a legislator for everyone, irrespective of their affiliation in the constituency. Contrary to popular expectations that I will sue those behind the defamatory actions against me and my person by sending them to prison, I wish to disappoint everyone. I will prove yet again that I do not seek my people’s mandate to become a strong man whose ego will be bigger than the collective good of society. Rather, I am one who will apply the reformatory approach at all times and will therefore press no civil or criminal charges against the authors of the malicious FORGERY who are well known to me. I wish them luck.

6. I am fully aware that as the most popular candidate in the Ado/Ogbadibo/Okpokwu Federal Constituency House of Representatives 2023 election, many adversaries including those who have held the office in the past and were rejected by the people, those seeking the same position without the capacity to match mine, some who were disqualified for forgery in the past and a couple of minions are after my mandate that is to be re-affirmed by the people on February 25, 2023. I urge my supporters to remain very patient with them and not engage any of them.

7. I will conclude by restating that I have no enemies except those who stand against the interest of the poor masses.

8. Just for emphasis, remains the official portal of the anti-graft agency and anyone who wishes to find out more may kindly visit.

_Chief Philip Agbese LLB(UK), LLM(UK), MBA(UK)_
Former General Prefect ( LGEA Apa Agila 1998)
Former Director of Socials,
College Conservation Club,
FGC Ugwolawo ( 2003/2004)
Former Senator, National Association of Science Students ( Unilorin Chapter- 2006/2007).
Former Kingmaker, Student Union Government, University of Ilorin


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