Insecurity Will be History When Elected as President- Adewole Adebayo

Prince Adewole Adebayo,  the Presidential Candidate of the Social Democratic party (SDP),  has urged Nigerians to elect him as president in the 2023 general election, promising  to combat all forms of security threat bedeviling the nation.

Adewole revealed this during a 60-minute interview with a Nigerian journalist Angela Ajetunmobi.

Prince Adebayo praises the armed forces and claims that they are not ineffective because they just carry out orders from above.

He said, Unlike the Nigerian police, where a police officer doesn’t need to go to the Inspector General of the police before effecting an arres when a crime is committed, you wll have to wait for orders and directives on what to do from the higher authority in the armed forces before operation.

The Ondo-born legal luminary cum business mogul while expressing  trust in the Nigerian army adds  that the bandits, kidnappers, terrorists, agitators, and all of their sisters combined did not have more than 5% of the force of the Nigerian army.

While  urging  Nigerians to vote for him as president in the 2023 election expressed his concerns however, said Bokoharam and other form of insecurities will  be a history.

Nigeria Armed forces is amongst the most trained, educated, and respected in the world  but adds that  Nigerian army feels ashamed of the events taking place in the nation, he said.


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