DAILY HOPE DEVOTIONAL: JANUARY 24 THE MIGHTY HAND OF GOD (3) Scripture: Exodus 12: 31 – 33; 13: 9

As seen in yesterday’s devotional, God’s Mighty Hand came down on the Egyptians more mightily when their first-borns and the first-borns of their livestock were killed. Before now, God showed the Egyptians His Mighty Hands through plagues upon plagues.

The more God confronts them for the sake of His children, the harder they come upon the Israelites till the heaviest and the mightiest power of God is dropped upon them. It is true that all the punishments and the plagues unleashed upon the Egyptians, the killing of the first-born was the most touching.

Soon after the killing, Pharaoh called Moses and told him to leave with his people (Exodus 12: 31 – 33). The lesson for us in this devotional here is that, when our opponents seem to be winning and dealing recklessly with us is when the mightiest Hand of God will come to rescue us.

All over the world, as it seems these days, are many Pharaoh-like leaders maltreating Christians with degrees of ruthlessness. These leaders might have heard how God dealt with others in the past who rose against Christians. The charge to Christians is not to allow their hearts trouble them.

We the Christians are to trust the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. We have to trust His Mighty Hand. Let be courageous enough to look on to Him and ask Him to release us by His Strong Hands which rescued the Israelites. His Mighty Hand that was given to the angel who rolled away the stone from the tomb of Jesus (Luke 24: 2) is coming soon to force open, all stone-locked gates against us.

God’s Mighty Hand that cut into two the Red Sea and parted River Jordan for the Israelites to cross to the Promised Land (Exod. 14: 19-31; Josh. 4: 13, 17) will intervene for us; parting all storms and rivers of troubles before us.

Dear children of God, you might have been locked up at every side. But God who makes ways where there is no way (Isaiah 43: 19), will soon make ways out for you in your wilderness. God’s Mighty Hand heals any kind of sickness or disease. God’s Mighty Hand has brought back dead people to life.

When God’s Mighty Hand is lifted up, strange winds stop blowing and strange fire is put out instantly. Call upon this Mighty Hand of God to come and rescue you today in Jesus name!


Almighty Father, where is your Mighty Hand that saves and rescues? Quickly wave your Mighty Hand over the camp of our enemies and scatter them like dried leaves in Jesus name.



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