Chief Dr. Mike Okibe Onoja Lauds Prof. Adikwu’s Acumen and Dexterity

As made available to ViralpostHQ; Chief Dr. Mike Okibe Onoja CON , the Akanaba k” Idoma (the supporting Pillar of Idoma nation) During the launching of a book titled ” Prof. Michael Adikwu and the Dynamic of Leadership” author by Jenson Okereke lauds the leadership acumen and administrative dexterity of professor Michael Adikwu; this has given the university of Abuja a high headed priority of place in the committee of universities.

Chief Onoja whose long relationship with the university as one of the recipients of the university’s honorary doctorate degree conferment attested to the transformation witnessed in academics, infrastructures and humanity over the years since prof. Adikwu assumed leadership as the Vice Chancellor of the university and further thank him for abating and calming the hitherto restiveness associated with the university.

Prof. Adikwu has changed the narrative which held that leadership and administrative proficiency is an exclusive reservation of scholars with background in social sciences, administrative science and pure art as posited by many, having performed excellently in providing leadership and administration that has ushered in this milestone and giant stride though from the background of pharmacy, he said.

Chief Onoja and Prof. Jerry Gana, both on white

Chief Onoja, the chief launcher and presenter of the book while addressing the August occasion in May further added his voice to the voices of many in panegyric to recommend Prof. Michael Adikwu for second term as the Vice Chancellor, University of Abuja.

Chief Dr. Mike Okibe Onoja therefore, launches, presents and recommends this book for all ranging from students to working class and leaders at all levels with the aim to fill leadership gap.


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