All Humans Are Interconnected And Bonded By One Humanity- SDP National Chairman


Alhaji Shehu Musa Gabam, National Chairman, Social Democratic Party (SDP) in his  ED-El-KABIR goodwill message said

“All humans are interconnected and bonded by one humanity, and all leaders will account before God Almighty, for their errors of omission or commission at the throne of judgement, on the way they managed and administered the powers He entrusted into their hands”

adds that on the  special occasion of ED-EL-KABIR, the following is the commonly said prayer lines by all Muslim Faithful – “Ya ALLAH! On this day of ARAFAT, accept our sacrifice, never let our heart be disturbed by the trials of life, open the doors of Your mercy to us, ease our ways of life, accept our worship, Forgive our sins and grant us favour in everything we do, And never forsake us in this world and hereafter. May ALLAH accept our Dua. Aameen!

However, as mere mortals that are subject to the supremacy of the Creator and at His mercy, we must be mindful that we have no powers of our own, and that whatever we are today, rich, poor, powerful, people of influence or affluence, or whether we are in one positions of authority or the other which we may occupy, is due to the beneficence and graciousness of the Almighty God.
As such, we must take advantage of this special period of Ed-El-Kabir to recognize the God-factor in the human affairs, and therefore resolve to work to forge a common bond of humanity, as well as harp on the imperative of engendering and promoting human dignity, a good Nigerian society, and the unity of the nation. Leaders at all levels – secular and religious must be conscious of the fact that leadership is a sacred trust, and a big responsibility, and that we all owe it to God that we shall one day, be made to account to Him on the day of judgement. It is therefore on the foregoing noble understanding and philosophy of life, that our great party, the SDP as a national party that promotes the true interest of Nigeria, uses this opportunity to call on all Nigerian Compatriots, home and abroad, the leaders and the led, to imbibe the noble ideals of one humanity and love for country and the promotion of it’s true interests.
We owe it to ourselves to work for the good of the nation, to build a nation that is run on social justice and freedom of all citizens, and to promote the very best of ideals for the greater number of the people and society. Sadly, and undeniably, our country is today in great despair, state of disorder, and is completely under a seemingly overwhelming siege of terror, and we are faced with multi-faceted socio-economic and political crises that threaten our national stability. Nonetheless, we must as individuals and as a collective, deliberately get resolute in forging a common front to combat our national challenges, while launching into the deep of our soul as a people to draw strength to survive these tempestuous times.

As such, we must work together beyond our political, ethnic, regional and religious fault-lines, and unitedly stand strong together and collaboratively, to find solutions to the problems that are besetting us as a nation. The hard fact and reality of the matter is that we have no place to call our own country, except Nigeria, where as citizens, we played no role or had no power of influence when the Creator was creating us individuals and placing us by His choice, in the places of our birth, in our tribes, religions and cultures in this particular geographical space called our Nigeria which it pleased Him to place us.
As we celebrate, we are hereby called upon, to prioritize support and hope-giving to the less privileged members of the Nigerian community, while attuning our minds and souls to the greater works of nation-building that confront us. Nigeria is a work in progress, like all other nations of the world, and all hands must therefore be on deck in building and shaping the great country and Nigerian society of our dreams.
The SDP uses this special occasion to encourage Nigerians that there is yet, hope in the horizon for national retrieval. Let’s all keep the faith that the greatness of the country shall be restored, and that the SDP is the hope-bearer for our national quest of a better country and a great future that we can all be proud of.
May God bless Nigeria our beloved country.
Happy celebrations.


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