The 2023 general election is on the threshold (less than 100 days today) as momentum, consultation and decisions to choosing the next phase of political leaders who take critical government actions on behalf of the people is fast closing up and narrowing down to particular individual(s). Don’t sit on the fence.

Considering the well over 23 years of legislative recklessness and the abysmal legislative performance or near zero legislative representation, it beckons on us to be wise this time around in choosing our leaders.

Who is a legislator? Know it and act well. A legislator is an elected representative, empowered by the electorates and the Constitution to conducting official negotiations and maintaining political, economic, and social relations with other actors involved in law making, putting first, above every other interest, his or her constituent interests as the number one factor for consideration in all engagement.

A critical observation of all the candidates from the different political Parties that have presented themselves for consideration for Ado State Constituency office, clearly shows that, Prince, Oriri Richard, the SDP candidate for Ado State Constituency remains the most preferred personality for the service at this time based on the underlisted factors.

COMMUNICATION: a good legislator must have effective listening skills, feel the pulse of the people, gather feedback from constituents, articulate their thoughts in writing and communicate verbally in a tactical and skillful manner on the floor of the house. Oriri Richard have the required education and skills needed for this service far above his opponents.

COMMITMENT: A good legislator must be saddled with high level political will, dogged commitment and relentless resilience for the people oriented service required of him or her. This sacrifice that is beyond the call of duty is what Oriri Richard has prepared himself to give to Ado people without any reservation.

KNOWLEDGE OF THE PROBLEMS CONFRONTING THE PEOPLE: Oriri Richard has been with the people from the time of his birth. He attended Public Schools from Primary up to his University Degrees. So, he knows the challenges facing Ado people.

As a politician with the requisite knowledge of the political environment of Ado and as someone who have been to all the Polling units across the Local Government, with friends in all, he will resolve major governance issues ravaging our rural communities with ease if elected because he feels the pains too.

Today, out of the 157 Polling units in Ado LGA, just about 15% of the total population feel the impact of governance while about 75% knows nothing about government in Ado. He will bridge this gap.

CHARACTER: a Legislator, as the promoter and defender of the people he/she represents and the governing law of the land, must ensure there is an inclusion of all in the public allocation of resources to benefit all sections of society.

On this note, Oriri Richard will do all he can to ensure the four major political blocs in Ado become a major partakers of the Council’s collective wealth.

These major blocs are;

(a). Idoma ethnic group with 50 Polling units.

(b). Ufia (Utonkon) ethnic group with 46 Polling units.

(c). Ezza ethnic group with 40 Polling units and

(d). Izzi ethnic group with 21 Polling units.

Out of these 157 Polling units, the Izzi and Ezza ethnic groups with 61 Polling units have no single sign of government presence in their localities for the 23yrs of uninterrupted democratic practice in Nigeria. This narrative must change. Democracy means inclusion, it means participation, it means transparency, it means equal opportunity for all.

About 45% of Ufia Communities have not seen any benefit or dividends of democracy within these period. Especially, the Royongho Ward and some parts of Ogege Ward.

More than 37% of the Idoma native nationalities in Ado are excluded from governance in the Council and dying in silence for lack of adequate voice to projecting their pains and agony for solutions.

Oriri Richard has the capacity and the political will power to resolving these challenges of governance and democracy in Ado for peace and justice to thrive.


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