It was glamorous everywhere when Chief Philip Agbese,  the Okanga 1 was declared winner of the just concluded APC  House of Representatives primaries election to flag the party ticket for  Ado, Okpokwu and Ogbadibo in the forthcoming 2023 general election.

The human rights activist is widely known for his human nature, his humility and his meekness. Okanga is passionate for service, he is a human servant, his decision to run for the House of Representatives is to bring the dividends of democracy to the people of Enone who have been deceived so many times by previous political leaders.

Hon. Agbese, being  a security expert and public affairs analyst, also a media mogul with interests in newspapers and electronic media. Most outstanding, is Okanga   philanthropist excellent disposition.

Recall, during the COVID pandemic, he gave away millions of Naira and other staple items as personal palliatives  to Enone people living within the Constituency and  across other state of the federation to help ameliorate and cushion the economic hardships brought about by the pandemic.

Okanga being a promoter of peace, good and qualitative leadership, is an ardent  believer  of the gospel of effective and robust legislative representation  that is founded on people from the prism of humanity, environment and society hence, committed  to the  collective dream and project to  making a great society through every opportunity little or big. Many people would  probably remember Okanga for organizing a football tournament tagged, “Agila Unity Cup” (AUC), whose main objective was to promote and foaster unity among the good people of Agila community.

He has demonstrated his exceptional leadership style overtime, distinguishing himself from the selfish, clannish, sentimental and unjust ways that other politicians and individuals depicted. He has  indeed written his name in gold.

Okanga though, has not held any political office before, but has touched lives positively, added value and makes impacts even beyond his immediate constituency far more than public office-holders. He has  never miss link with his people as has been the feat of most public figure.

Chief Agbese has been in the forefront in promoting peace and unity at all levels, in Agila his hometown, Ado LG, Idoma land and Nigeria as a whole large. His voice has been a continuous voice in the promotion of peace and unity of the country even at a time when it seem preaching peace and unity is a negation.

Okanga in his commitment to peace building bearing in mind the role of the youth in peace building and crime control has through his  youth empowerment  and human capital development has undoubtedly while preaching peace also enrolled many youths in skill acquisition programmes which at the end of training are equipped with started pack for a livelihood. This gesture which is most commendable has left Okanga as a household name amongst his constituents and as well earned him their votes.

This has not only given economic hope to the people but has also taken many off the street thereby curtailing crimes and other social vises. Recall that long before his political ambition,Okanga has used his connection both at home and abroad to gain employment opportunities for young Nigerians across ethnic, religious and tribal divides.


His qualitative Leadership style is unbeatable, his  passion for God and loyalty humanity is worth applauding. If given the opportunity to serve the great people of Enone, Okanga will do an excellent job and make us proud.

As a promoter of good leadership, I commend the role which Chief Philip Agbese, Okanga Y”Agila  is playing in the society and I enjoin all, irrespective of political affiliation, or philosophy to come together to ensure victory for Okanga in 2023 general election. The Okanga project is a project for all.

In our collective quest for the social re-engineering to engender good governance through effective people oriented legislative representation , I urge every supporter of this great young human rights activist and security expert, to concentrate more on what he has to offer and shun ill-words, insults and cyber war, present his manifestoes to the public, everyone knows what Hon. Philip Agbese has done, what he is doing and what he will do.

Public office  being the center place to add value to humanity and society through service to God and humanity  with the resources of tax payers should be value addition driven hence, politics is meant for  people with sincerity of purpose who want to add value and create a channel of hope for society  that should genuinely go into politics as human servant with good motives.

Hon. Agbese has been  assessed and measured by his antecedents  beaming on his  credibility, blueprints, scorecards and human resources development and empowerment, he rate high on the chat. Nigerians and indeed the electorates has  wise up,  only people with demonstrated antecedent who will deliver and be a bridge between the government and the people that will be given the  votes.

I once again formally congratulate you on your  emergence as the flagbearer of the biggest party in Africa, The All Progressive Congress (APC)

Okanga Is for All.


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