Rep Buba Re-states Nigeria’s Support for One-China Policy, Urges Restraint on the Cross-Strait Tensions Between Mainland China and Taiwan, Following Speaker Pelosi’s Visit to the Area

Rep Buba Re-states Nigeria’s Support for One-China Policy, Urges Restraint on the Cross-Strait Tensions Between Mainland China and Taiwan, Following Speaker Pelosi’s Visit to the Area

Chairman, Committee on Foreign Affairs of Nigeria ‘s House of Representatives,Rt.Hon.( Dr.)Yusuf Buba Yakub says Nigeria will continue to support the One-China Principle in line with the 1971 Resolution 2758 of the United Nations General Assembly,which states that Taiwan is an integral part of China’s territory, and the People’s Republic of China is the sole legal Government representing the whole of China.

The lawmaker,who stated the above at the National Assembly Complex,Abuja, Wednesday,while fielding questions to newsmen,who had sought to know his views on the escalating Cross-Strait tensions between Mainland China and Taiwan, following the visit of Speaker Nancy Pelosi of the United States to Taiwan on August 2, maintained that the One-China Principle is a universal consensus of the international community, which, according to the Political Scientist, remains the premise for the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and many countries of the world, including Nigeria and the United States.

” Every nation of the world, however big or small, tries to protect its measure of independence. This is because its pride as a nation and the quest for self-preservation are always hinged on its sovereignty,which comes from its people. But the case of China and Taiwan is a matter of China’s internal affairs. Just as any country of the globe, China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity are said to be inviolable. So,to some extent,as you pointed out in your question,that was why we have continued to see air drills and military activities across the island these past few days. But,in all of this,we continue to call for caution and urge restraint,knowing that force is not even an option in the circumstance.

“Again,let me quickly refer to your earlier question on what you referred to as the interest of the United States in the region. For those who are aware,it is important to note that the US approach to issues in the area has always been governed by its One-China Policy, which is based on several documents,such as three US-China Communiques reached in 1972,1978 and 1982;the Taiwan Relations Act passed by the US Congress in 1979; and the recently declassified ‘Six Assurances”,which President Ronald Reagan conveyed to Taiwan in 1982.

“These documents,as you can see, clearly lay out that the United States,I quote:”acknowledges the Chinese position that there is but one China and Taiwan is part of China and that the People’s Republic of China is the ‘sole legal Government of China’. Of course,this position is no longer new. It is reminiscent of the position and path the United Nations had toed in 1971 through that Resolution we saw earlier.

” What the entire globe requires now is co- operation. We must resolve to be together to put an end to every kind of untoward experience in all regions of the world,given what the Russian – Ukrainian experience has birthed across the globe. Surely,with the way things are today,the world desires a total healing from the pandemic that has given a new threat to the globe in form of an economic downturn.All that we need now is a complete cessation of all forms of hostilities across the globe.We must, therefore, continue to urge understanding and the kind of friendship that will de-escalate the existing tension and
douse all the smouldering embers of hate among mankind,” the Adamawa-born Parliamentarian and erstwhile farmer concluded.


Nkem Anyata-Lafia
Special Adviser on Media and Public Affairs to the Lawmaker.
August 11,2022


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