Rep Buba Makes Case for Vocational Education as the Federal Poly,Mubi,Holds Annual Convention on Science, Technology 

_Says the World is Waiting for Next Great Nigerian Scientists, Inventors._

The lawmaker representing Gombi/ Hong Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives,Rt.Hon.(Dr.)Yusuf Buba Yakub,says the world is constantly waiting for the next inventors and scientists from Nigeria to continue to drive development in the global innovation space in order to benefit mankind.

While challenging students of the Faculty of Science and Technology at the Federal Polytechnic,Mubi,to rise and lead the century’s drive for discovery and innovations in their field,the Adamawa-born politician,who is also Chairman of the Reps’ Committee on Foreign Affairs, added that it was imperative to realise that Science and Technology would continue to be relevant among the nations of the world in the years ahead,hence the attention the Federal Government and other critical stakeholders continue to pay to the area.

Speaking on the occasion of the 22nd annual convention of the School of Science and Technology at the Polytechnic,Buba,who was represented by a member of his Constituency,Mr.Gidema Elam,in the event which held at the Alh. Isa Ahmadu Multipurpose Hall of the main campus,Thursday, saluted the commitment of the management of the institution to the different areas of the institution’s curriculum through which science, technology and vocational education were being advanced. He expressed support for the programme and thanked the organisers for making him the Chairman of the 2022 edition of the Annual event.

Rep. Buba,who went down memory lane to underscore the benefits and importance of science and technology since the global industrial revolution pioneered by Great Britain in the early 19th Century,said the field had ensured the replacement of human efforts by machines and had signalled more effective and efficient ways the different activities of life should run.

“Starting from the early 19th Century,the British Industrial Revolution had pointed out the way things should go in the affairs of the world. Machines had , consequently, replaced human efforts and had signalled more efficiency and effectiveness in the ways things ought to run.The world became, therefore, glued to the ideals of Science and Technology as the prime movers of the new world order beyond the use of man in engendering the requirements of the future!

“Today,as we gather to exert energies and consciousness on the gains of Science and Technology, especially as they relate to the present,it is imperative to realize that Science and Technology will continue to be relevant among the nations of the world in the years ahead.The present Administration has,therefore, continued to engage in programmes and activities that emphasize innovation and creative productivity in the area of Science and Technology.

“For instance,the Ministry of Science and Technology has the Science and Technology Annual Fair,where innovation and breakthrough efforts in Science and Technology are yearly exhibited in conjunction with the National Assembly and other like-minded State and non-State actors. Through innovations and activities geared towards promoting same,the world,more than ever before,is prepared to receive what Nigeria has to offer.

“As I stand before you today,I speak to you with the conviction that the world is waiting for the next great Technologist,the great Scientist and inventor whose continuous and painstaking efforts will point out the way life should go in the years ahead. Thankfully,the nation’s economy will in the years ahead take advantage of the great vision of the Buhari Administration in the area of technological innovations to actualise the high hopes of dividends in the digital economy potential of our dear country.

“We are, therefore,hoping that the nation will avail of your competence, interest and professional bent to actualise the nation of our dream. On that score, for instance,we can never underestimate the gains and powers of Science and Technology. But,as it is,let me leave that topic for the professionals in our midst,who in their papers, we hope, will throw light on their treatment of the topic on the development of Science and Technology across the years and their importance in the development of humanity and the world.”

Among those present at the event were the Rector of the Polytechnic,Dr.Abdulrahman Asipita Ishiaka,who was also Host of the programme;the Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology of the institution,Dr.Michael Awi, and other members of the academic and non- academic staff of the Polytechnic.Also present were the Rector of the Federal Polytechnic,Bali,Dr.Usman Mohammed, and the Royal Father of the day,HRH Alh.( Dr.) Abubakar Isa Ahmadu,Emir of Mubi.

*Nkem Anyata-Lafia*
Special Adviser to Rt.Hon.Buba on Media and Public Affairs.
*August 29,2022*


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