Nigeria Needs Leaders with Empathy – Nigerian Students in Australia

Hail Ambassador Madubuike on Outstanding Service to Nigerians in Australia,New Zealand

Ahead of 2023, Nigerian students in Australia have said that what Nigeria needs now are leaders who are men and women of great empathy.

Defining empathy as the ability to understand and relate to the emotions of another, as well as the ability to demonstrate that you know what the other person feels and is going through, the students said it was the most revered trait leaders could demonstrate at this material time in Nigeria when the nation is experiencing daunting challenges.

In a statement released by the President of Nigerian Students in Australia, Tochukwu Onah and made available to some media houses in Nigeria, the students urged leaders and intending leaders in the country to emulate the Nigerian Ambassador to Australia, Anderson Madubike who they described as “an embodiment of empathy and a diplomat worthy of celebration.”

Onah noted that since Madubike’s appointment as Nigeria Ambassador to Australia, he has demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities that have endeared him to the hearts of Nigerian students in Australia.

In his words;
“Our today’s leaders need the ability to address complex challenges in new and innovative ways, and our Ambassador has demonstrated that. He is, indeed,an innovative and compassionate leader who wants nothing but the best for his people.

“He possesses an abiding passion for the art and craft of diplomacy and international relations, making him one of the finest Nigeria’s ambassadors ever. He is ready to listen to you, and proffer solutions, and monitor your situation. He cares for you and knows that you can only be productive when everything surrounding you is going well,” the student leader said,adding that, if the incumbent and aspiring leaders would imbibe such traits, Nigeria would be better.

He disclosed that the memories of May 2 would not leave them in haste because of how the Ambassador honoured the Nigerian students, especially the graduands, with his presence at the graduation ceremony of some Nigerian students at TORRENS University, Sydney.

Onah, who was among the graduands, stated that “our today’s world needs people like His Excellency, Anderson Nkemakonam Madubike and the Senior Counselor, Mr Remy Martins Nwafor, leaders who mean and express goodness in their words and deeds. And if such noble role models set the example for their fellow beings, the darkness prevailing in today’s society will be dispelled, and the light of peace, love and understanding will again illumine the world.

“We commend the Ambassador,while urging him to continue to be a shining light for others and never compromise his standard as he remains the best of what we want as Nigeria Ambassador to Australia.”


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