Nigeria leaders are unpatriotic and controlled by greed- Prince Adewole

He said this  in a discussion with newsmen about the ongoing industrial action by the Academic Staff Union of Universities(ASUU) which has seen Government-owned tertiary institutions closed down for over 3 months.

He said ‘ those in Government know the right thing to do but are not interested in doing it. People in public office lack any iota of patriotism as they are controlled by greed and pillage of the funds in Tertiary Education Trust Fund.

‘If an audit on the TET funds were to be carried out, you will be dazed by how much has been spent despite ASUU being on strike and the actions of the people in power is killing the education system  said the masses oriented SDP presidential candidate, Prince Adewole Adebayo.

‘One of the reasons why the strike will continue is that Public office holders have children studying abroad hence are insulated from the lingering ASUU strike Prince Adebayo added.

‘While in the University, it was normal to see children of public officers In the same school with us but it is s not the same today.’

The leadership is highly inconsiderate and are not interested in improving the infrastructure of the education system but are only interested in enjoying the privileges of office, Prince Adewole Adebayo cried for the masses.

The youths have a wonderful opportunity to remove these greedy people from office. It can be done through the polls and I hope the average Nigerian Youth will exercise their franchise by voting out everyone who does not have interest of the country at heart .


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