Nigeria At 62: SDP Presidential Candidate warns Nigerians On Electing leaders in 2023


The  Social Democratic Party(SDP) presidential candidate, Prince Adewole Adebayo in commemorating the 62nd independence anniversary of Nigeria urged Nigerian citizens to come together and to form a people’s republic where the welfare, the safety and security of the common person is paramount to the state. Prince Adebayo made this known on Saturday first of October, in his speech to mark Nigeria’s independence. He said despite the country having faced its highs and lows, this marks an opportunity to choose a new direction and to do what is right as citizens. “Today marks 62 years since we gained sovereignty from the United Kingdom of Great Britain. For a nation, such as ours and for any person who has spent 62 years there will be a lot of stories to tell; there will be low moments and high moments, there will be moments that will make us to question whether all of this is even worth it at all”.


“But there are some moments like this when despite how many years we’ve been in the wilderness, we are coming to a junction where we have an opportunity to travel a road less traveled to make a pivot to choose a new direction, to do for ourselves what we ought to do to ourselves a long time ago, to form a people’s republic where the welfare and the safety and security of the common person is paramount to the state.” He noted that Nigerians should be grateful to the nation’s founding fathers for gaining independence from British rule, and forge ahead in doing the right thing by voting in good governance, in order to get it right for the future generation.

ourselves and in this coming year we owe ourselves a special duty of commitment to the course of progress”. “We need to perform our civic duty in a manner which speaks truth to our desire for a good country, we need to vote in a good government that serves the interests of the Nigerian people.” The SDP Presidential candidate revealed that the Social Democratic Party is ready to offer investment in the welfare of the people, abolition of poverty and insecurity, the enthronement of justice, equity and fairness, and the inculcation of competence, character and commitment as ethos of good governance

“In the contest that is coming, we will prove to you that we merit your confidence and we can earn your support. I wish every Nigerian a hearty 62nd independence celebration God bless Nigeria”, Prince Adebayo said.


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