My Government will Lead by Example that will Stir Other Tiers of Government to be Proactive in Managing Resources and Harnessing Natural Endorsements- SDP Presidential

All Parts Of Nigeria Have Oil, My Administration Will Live By Example For Other Tiers Of Government – SDP Presidential Candidate Adebayo

The SDP Presidential candidate of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), Prince Adewole Adebayo has declared that all states in Nigeria have oil and that his government will lead by example that will stir other tiers of government to be proactive in managing resources and in harnessing natural endorsements.

He said this while responding to questions at an interactive session with the Arewa Joint Committee.

The SDP Presidential Candidate Prince Adewole Adebayo was specifically asked how he would tackle oil theft in Nigeria and diversify the economy.

He noted that “everybody who is sitting on oil now doesn’t know how it came, so as a lawyer in the oil industry for many years, there’s nowhere in Nigeria that there is no oil.

“In fact, I’ve gone to work in Niger republic and chad, so it is from just simple understanding of geo-special and geological knowledge”, he said.

He ascerted that “There’s oil, that’s not the issue; what we are not managing well is the politics of oil. We’re looking at oil from a political point of view.

“First let me say this, among the top 100 resources of Nigeria, oil does not even come in the first 100; so it is clear that it is the least profitable of all our resources, because you can’t even itch if you take it.

“Another thing I want to say, the oil taken from Niger Delta from 1956 in Obodobiri; all the amount of money that has been spent on northern Nigeria and the rest of Nigeria is not up to the amount of money from oil that has been stolen by foreigners before any Nigerian, whether it comes from the north or south, anywhere can benefit $1 of Nigeria oil, foreigners from Europe, America, Asia will have taken $100.

SDP Presidential

“As I’m talking to you now, you know, I was the one who broke the news that 80% of the crude oil in Nigeria is been stolen, and as at that time I believe President Buhari didn’t know as he didn’t know some things.

“Why would you not do agriculture in a sustainable way, for example, in southern Kaduna alone, the ginger that is grown there, if we just create a plant to process the ginger and get ginger oil in Southern Kaduna, plus two or three local governments, you can get $1.4 billion a year”, the SDP Presidential Candidate said.


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