This article help enlightened you on how to manage your Google AdSense Ad Limit. I have said it before and I’m saying it again.
There is a way to earn money in an AdSense account on ads limit.
I mean good money.
$2k, $5k and as much as $10k a month, even with ads limit.
This is one of the newest updates in the block but that’s not the focus of this post.
Another day, I will discuss how this is done.
Today, we deal with managing ads limit.

One of the biggest issues facing earning bloggers now is Google ads limit.
They just wake up and serve the breakfast on a platter.
It could last a month, two or more and that means lost earnings for those months.
Everyone is affected and it’s not funny.

Here are some ways I have used to effectively manage my ad limit issues. You can learn a thing or two and apply to your blogs.

1. Set monthly targets for your adsense accounts.

The biggest misconception in blogging is the belief that you need the entire month to earn money.
You don’t. Setting a target for your AdSense account will help you determine how many days you need to run ads and how much you need daily to hit that amount.

Let’s say my target for an account is $10k a month. I know I need only 10 days or $1k earnings or 20 days of $500 earnings to hit that target. This effectively means I need my account to work only 10 days in a month. If ad limits come thereafter, I welcome it with full arms.

2. Remove ad codes and ads. txt files.

So, once I hit my target, or not, and ad limit comes, what do I do?
I simply remove Google ad codes and ads. txt files from the blog and wait for the limits to be taken off.
From the time I get limited, I have till 21st of the following month before payment is sent to my bank account.

In most cases, my limits will go off before then. But even with the limits off, I won’t do anything on that account until my pending payment is sent to me. This is because I know that no matter how much is on my dashboard, my own is the one that hits my bank account here in Nigeria. So, when next you’re limited, take off the ad codes and ads. txt file and wait. It will quicken the process of limit removal.

3. Publish new posts.

To further quicken the removal of your ad limits, you have to publish fresh posts on your site.
It could be one daily or more, but keep the posts rolling in.

4. Get some organic traffic:

Organic traffic will help you reasonably avoid ad limits on your blog.
So, as you publish fresh contents, do some basic seo to get organic traffic.
I understand Seo is suffer head blogging.
It’s 1% of 1% that make good money this way.
It’s tedious, strenuous and unrewarding.
But it’s a necessary evil you have to embrace while you run your traffic and make money.

5. Change your Theme.

A friend of mine had this on and off ads limit issue every month. It was really bad.
They take off the limits and once he sends traffic, limits come again!
I took a look at his blog, he was doing nothing wrong.
But I figured his Theme could be his undoing.
I changed his Theme to mine and the ad limits reduced greatly.

So, if you’re currently in the same spot as the guy, you should consider using GENERATE PRESS or SQUARE TYPE themes. I use the premium version though, not the free. If you want it, join our Telegram group today and I will send it to you.

There you have it guys!

These are some of the things that have worked for me and I hope they work for you too.
Cheers to more Google earnings!

With love ❤️,
Remedy Nwankwo.
Zaddy of Skillarr.


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