DAILY HOPE DEVOTIONAL: JANUARY 20 WALKING IN OPEN HEAVEN (2) Scripture: Rev. 4: 1; Isaiah 6: 1 – 6

As seen in yesterday’s discussion on this topic, we are not looking at “Open Heaven” specifically as season when windows of heaven are opened and those under the opening experience visitations from Angels, experience miracles, healings, wealth and other blessings.

We rather looked at “Open Heaven” from the angle of consistent flow of God’s presence on mankind. This presence can manifest in the directions God chooses. It was concluded yesterday that who we are, what we do and under the circumstances we operate that resulting either our “Open Heaven” or the “Closed Heaven.” God’s Heaven gates are always open. Our unconsciousness of the “Open Heaven” makes it look as if the Spiritual Gates of Heaven are shut against us.

By the experience of Prophet Isaiah in Isaiah 6: 1 – 6, it will be discovered that Isaiah was thrown into helplessness and hopelessness as a result of the death of King Uzziah, who Isaiah was ministering to at the Palace. Possibly, when King Uzziah died, Prophet Isaiah realized he had been prophesying wrongly and for foods and material.

He would no longer enjoy the Prophetic privileges from a mortal man any more. It was under such dilemma that Prophet Isaiah looked up to the Lord sitting on His Throne. The sight terrified him and he started confessing to God (Isaiah 6: 5). Jacob found himself in a fearful wilderness, slept alone and traumatized with fear of death. For the first time he seemed to take his case to God. He saw “Opened Heaven” and acclaimed “…surely the LORD is in this place; and I knew it not” (Gen. 28: 16).

Standing on Prophet Isaiah and Jacob experiences here, it can be concluded that if mankind takes their case to God by looking up the heaven, they will always see their Heaven Opened to them. Most often, some people don’t believe in God. Other believe in God on a peripheral bases and hardly look up to Him and commit their ways and cases to Him.

The gates of heaven are ever open and Angels of God are ever ascending and descending from Heaven taking and bringing messages and gifts from God and to various people on the earth. If we all believe that God never slumber, we must believe too that His angels work 24/7 all through.

We are to therefore, trust His Heaven is always open upon us. This should make us know how to do things which please Him and also know how to handover our cases to Him. This enable us see His Heaven Opens over us always.


Blessed Father, I refuse today to be like Jacob who you chose for royal seat but began to walk it out on his own. He suffered long before turning to you. Today, I turn to you so that you show me you “Open Heaven” over my life in Jesus name.



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