In todays morning Daily hope devotional, we were led to understand that Every one of us is born with at least a seed of destiny that is meant to brighten the world. One may be delving into mysticism here, somehow. We all are born with spectacular gift that no other person has. The gift is like a star in a spiritual sphere.

The moment one is born into the world, this unique destiny flies into the sky and stays there. This was exactly the star of Jesus Christ King Herod and the three wise men from the East saw (Matthew 2: 1 – 2). The Gospel of John, chapter1: 4 referred to another angle of Jesus’ star.

It said about Jesus: “In Him was life, and the life was the light of men…” Each human being has a unique life which in this discussion is likened to “unique destiny” meant to be “light of men and women.”

By spiritual manipulations, our unique gifts are always circled with darkness so that it does not illuminate the world. That is, it is not allowed to function so that the personality of individual should positively influence the world. But still, this destiny cannot be totally overcome by the darkness.

The star still shines in the darkness very brightly. Reason this devotional looks at the title “Your star shines still in darkness.” Of Jesus, the Bible says that the light is in the darkness but the darkness comprehends it not.

To a plain mind, this means Jesus’ noble gift He was born with to save the world was first overclouded with Satanic darkness. The light of Jesus still shines in the darkness and Satan with his cohorts were not aware.

The beloved, it is better you know that evil forces who never want your real destiny to be made manifest in this world, will ever attempt to cast darkness upon your star. This devotional is informing readers that they are born as stars which are meant to shine upon the world.

No matter what happens to our star that makes them seem hidden in the dark, we are destined to shine. We are destined to use are destiny to change the world for good. So my beloved, the darkness that covers your destiny will soon melt and fade away like mist.

The darkest hour covering your glorious manifestation is about giving ways. Your destiny is about overcoming the twilight and your dawn is about breaking forth in Jesus name. This is why an English proverbs says: “The darkest hours are just before dawn.”


FATHER, I believe in your power that will soon enable my star to emerge from the darkness the enemies cast upon it. By the name of Jesus Christ, make my star shine forth, regardless of the darkness covering my star.



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