It was mentioned in the first part of this topic how life on earth is battle basically. We are all engaged in this battle through various forms of challenges. We heard too, that the battle of life is controlled by wicked spiritual forces. These spiritual forces, as we were told have their headquarters in the skies.

They are there to block our prayers from reaching God and as well as stopping God’s answers to our prayers from reaching us, as seen in the case of Daniel mentioned in the first discussion on this topic. For any Christian to receive God’s favour, blessings and grace, the forces in the sky have to be broken through. We are to push beyond the “Spiritual wickedness in the heavenly places” (Eph. 6: 12).

We can break through this spiritual wickedness in the heavenly places with provocative prayers and declarations. There is a Bible passage which says “And you will declare a thing, and it shall be established unto thee (Job 22: 28).

This passage empowers Christians to “degree” specific thing we want and that thing will be established. By this passage, human beings can use prayers and declarations to break the skies locked over their heads to be opened. Once the skies open, we have broken through them.

We are to selectively use our mouths to breaking into pieces, every evil plan of demons and their ordinances (specific evil things penciled down) against us (Col. 2: 14). All evil things happening to us human beings are written down as for when, where and how they could happen to us.

These things however, shall happen when we fail to decree against them. While foreseeing evil plans around us, we are to know that the Blood of Jesus had since blotted them out (Col. 2: 14 KJV).

Christians of this present age must know that the spiritual forces are passing through various earthly governments to promulgate laws against them. Some of these laws are made to block Christians from achieving their God’s given benefits.

These laws are spiritual skies that must be broken through. These laws are deadly and carry with them dead sentences. But they are meant to be broken rather than to be left untouched. We have to spiritually discern the evil intentions of the government in these laws/agenda and break away from them by prayers.

We are to note that evil intentions from government results always to “struggling of goodness against vices. Prayers gives us strength to grow in such situations. Napoleon said something concerning this thus: “Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.”


1. Prayerfully use the words in your mouth as ‘battle axe’ (Jer. 51: 20), and break open, the spiritual skies locked over your heads in the name of Jesus.
2. Pray and pull down all evil blankets spread over your destiny in the sky (Rev. 6: 13 – 14) in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.



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