Yesterday’s devotional, basing its analysis on Mark 10: 17 – 21, concluded that our eternal life gained has to be reflected in our relationship with the world around us. We saw how Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary looked at eternal life in terms of quality life.

This among others, is life imparted by God; a life of transformation and renewal. Dickson Bible Research Library subscribed to eternal life as “certainty and quality of existence” (page 394:2012 edition). If we Christians get eternal life by knowing God and Jesus Christ as His Son (John 17: 3); we are to impart what we received into others; not only by teaching and preaching but by giving them quality life.

In this devotional, while dwelling on eternal life as transformational lifestyle that ought to be reflected on people; three personalities are to be referred to here. They are Jesus Christ, Nelson Mandela of South Africa and Mahatma Gandhi of India. Our Lord Jesus Christ lived for the salvation of mankind. He cared for humanity, healing, feeding, teaching and delivering them wherever He went.

He lived for just 33 years and half. Till today, He is known and revered by many. His achievements still live after Him. Eternal life! The world and the Indians have never forgot Mahatma Gandhi. He was seen as one of the 20th Century’s politician and spiritual leaders who led his people into independence without shedding the blood of the masses. He died about 1948 and his fame still lives on. Eternal life!

Former President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela, put his life and all that were in him into saving South Africans from the slavering of Apartheid policies in South Africa. He is still known as the most courageous leaders in Africa who dedicated his life to brought the ugly and heinous political policy in his country to an end. He died in 2013 and his fame still remains.

Eternal life! This is why the devotional looks into the need to allow one’s eternal life gained on the earth to be used in touching lives meaningfully while one is alive. This is what the Bible referred to as “…the works of God in John 6: 28.


Pray and ask God not to allow your flesh goes to the grave without you living your good life in people’s lives in the name of Jesus Christ.



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