DAILY HOPE DEVOTIONAL: FEBRUARY 3 SO THAT YOU MAY KNOW (3) Scripture: John 3: 16; Romans 6: 23; 5: 25; 6: 47

In yesterday’s devotional, it is seen that many people see eternal life in the concept of living without dying anymore after accepting Jesus Christ as Saviour and a Son of God. Those who believe in this concept literally found it difficult seeing Christians dying natural death. We will be understanding the passages of eternal life in the Bible out of context; when we settle for “not dying at all” for eternal life. Really, knowing Jesus Christ as Son Of God is the surest ways to know eternal life.


The Bible says that eternal life is a gift which can only be given through Jesus Christ (Rom. 6: 23). This makes it difficult for those yet to believe in Jesus Christ to rightly comprehend the meaning of eternal life in its entirety.

This devotional aims at explaining eternal life beyond the living without dying as many take it to mean. We will have to understand eternal life by including life application aspect of the doctrine by Christians. The Greek word which eternal life is derived from in the New Testament is “anionios”.


The root meaning of this word is said to mean “unending age” which anyone can simplified as “everlasting.” But those with deep knowledge of Greek words said “anionios” carries the idea of “quality as well as quantity” life. One of these people, A. Berkyley Mickelsen, who wrote on eternal life in Holman Bible Dictionary based on John 3: 36 said that this passage talked on the quality and quantity of life those who believe in God will receive. This takes one into seeing eternal life as involving the value and volume of the nature of eternal life received.

By life application based in this concept, Christians who have believed in Jesus, accepted Him as their Saviour receive ability to live on and one loaded with qualitative and quantitative lifestyle on the earth. This nature of life is expected to spread to others living with Christians on the earth. Reading through John 6: 47 shows that once a man believes in God and Jesus Christ he “has eternal life” here on the earth.

Having quality and quantity lifestyle on earth and not using it to affect lives for good makes acquiring eternal life useless to those around us as Christians. Today’s devotional is focusing our attention to “So You May Know” how your acquired eternal life will be felt in the world first. This will be made clear in the next two series “Earthly Reflection Of Eternal Life.


Pray asking God to make you know Him, His Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit more intimately so as to live in quality and quantity heavenly life on the earth. Pray too that God makes you know how eternal life is lived on the earth in Jesus name.



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