Commissioner Expresses Hope In Education Of Ebonyi Children


Abah Joshua

Ebonyi State Commissioner for Education, Dr. Sunday Zil Nwagele, has expressed satisfaction over the academic intelligence displayed by the pupils of Bright Destiny Nursery and Primary School, assuring that there was hope for parents in the education of their children.

Dr. Nwagele, who made the expression during the 7th graduation ceremony of the School at Amike-Aba in Ebonyi local government area of the state, opined that the manifestation of the intelligent display by the pupils was the surest way to wage war against examination malpractices.

According to the Commissioner, If Ebonyi children can be so intelligent at his age, there is hope for Ebonyi State.

“The joy written all over me and while I have the boldness to sit here with my staff is that it is our primary function and obligation to supervise all schools in Ebonyi State, to develop government policies on education and monitor same .

“Our roles cover private schools, schools owned by churches, but begining with all the public schools. So, it is our statutory role to be here or to be represented in an event like this.

“Second reason, the ministry of education is impressed and satisfied with the owners of Bright Destiny Schools, Chief and Mrs. Ndubuisi Ogodo.

“We are here because you have satisfied all the requirements of the government of Ebonyi State to set up a private school. We want to use you as one of the many shining examples because we inisit on private schools registering with the ministry of education and fulfilling all the basic requirements for you to set up a private school.

“Mr. Ndubuisi through my directors has gone through the stages of establishing a private school formally and legitimately and that include site approval; Bright Destiny Schools have site approval from my ministry. After a couple of years, they were re-visited, verified and assessed, before the next stage called establishment.

“Bright Destiny Schools have establishment approval. After a number of years, they applied again for the last stage of approval called accreditation.

“We want to announce to you with excitement that this very school, Bright Destiny Schools have also secured approval for accreditation, so they are accredited.

“And so, on behalf of His Excellency the Governor of Ebonyi State standing in as the commissioner for education accompanied by the requisite staff of the ministry of education, I announced that this is one of the legally approved, legitimate and qualified primary schools in Ebonyi State.

“So, Ndubuisi and your wife, the ministry of education appreciates the quality of teachers that teaches in this school. You have increased my confidence on my directors because part of their monitoring tools is the category of teachers in that school before requesting for approval.

“Government is committed to facilitating this level of intelligence. To our parents,there is hope. We are committed to putting to an end examination malpractices and the best way to do it is to start from the innocent ones like this children.

“If our children can be this intelligent as this their age, there is hope for Ebonyi State. All the great professionals here as we listen to the presentation of this children; the semantics and the grammar was perfect. So, I want to commend you the teachers of this children”, he said.

Earlier in her opening remarks, the Chairman of Ebonyi Local Government Area, Hon. Mrs Chinyere Nwogbaga, who doubles as the Chairman of the occasion prayed that God should continue to give the pupils and students graduating from one level to another the needed wisdom.

She said, ” This call is an inspirational call. They did not establish the school for money making. Any project under inspiration is done with the fear of God.

“I want to thank God and congratulate Ndubuisi and wife for what God has been using them to do in the lives of these future tomorrow.

“God will give you the wisdom, knowledge and enablement for you to listen to your teachers, to understand what they are teaching you and for your destiny to manifest.

“I have visited some schools and discovered that some private schools have no qualified teachers, which I communicated to the Hon. Commissioner, but having seen him here, I now know that this school is approved .

Speaking also, the Chairman Board of Management of Bright Destiny Schools, Engineer Ndubuisi Emmanuel Ogodo, disclosed that 95% of its academic staffs were graduates of universities and colleges of education.

“Each class room is spacious, super ventilated, well equipped and has convenience to ensure that the children do not loiter around during lesson period. The classrooms are also filed with the required furnitures to ensure conducive learning environment for the pupils.

“Paramount among all again, we hire and train teachers to ensure adequate and quality teaching. In fact, 95% of the academic staffs are graduates and NCE holders.

“We have also employed concerted efforts to impact moral values into the pupils. In fact, that one is more important to us than the academics.

“By the special grace of God, on the 18th of August 2022, the school shall write her First School Leaving Certificate Examination. Bright Destiny Nursery and Primary School has been gazzetted by the Ebonyi State Ministry of Education.

“By the grace of God today, we shall graduate 12 pre-nursery pupils, 33 nursery pupils in primary level and twenty primary six pupils to secondary level. By the special grace of God, we have equally commenced the secondary section of this school and they are temporary housed here. We are happy to inform you that the JSS1 students seated there are going to JSS2 by September this year”, he said.




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