CHILDREN’S DAY CELEBRATION: The future of our children is important-Comr Martin Iorsamber

Today May 27 marks another day set aside to celebrate our children.
We are marking this year’s children’s day in Nigeria with our children at home as a result of the prolonged ASUU strike and the insecurity that has kept some schools closed. Unfortunately, most of the decision makers have their children either in private schools/universities or they are schooling abroad.

We in Benue State, majority of the children are starving, either because they are in IDP camps or because their parents are being owed months of salary arears, pensions or gratuities. The children in the rural areas live in fear daily; fear of attacks by terrorists, or fear of what to even eat. Practically, the future of the Benue child is in blink.

Today I stand as a child of hope. I took courage to seek election into the national assembly by 2023 to contribute my quota to the upliftment of the Nigerian child. My 5 point agenda is geared towards making life better for the common man in the villages. It is my hope and desire that within the four years of our mandate in the national assembly, we shall bring smiles on the faces of our children most especially the ones in the rural areas.
As we celebrate our children today, let us think deeply about their future in the face of current realities. There is need to change the status quo for the good and that change is what a Comrade Martin Senatorial mandate stands for. So keep me in your prayers for the sake of your children. Let us change the guard in Zone A.

Happy children’s day.

Comr Martin Iorsamber,
SDP Senatorial Aspirant for Benue North East Zone 2023.




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