Naomi Enayi Odagboyi.

Apa-Agatu youth under the auspices of the Agatu-Agatu National Solidarity forum led by its National coordinator Comrade Adanu Isaiah has congratulated the paramount ruler of Idoma kingdom HRM AGABAIDU JOHN ELAIGWU ODOGBO OBAGAJI on his emergence and coronation as the substantive Och’Idoma the Fifth and Chairman Idoma Area traditional council.

In a speech the youth leader delivered at the palace in otukpo, Adanu described the new Och’Idoma to be calm and collective and the servant of the most high God with the requisite wisdom and knowledge capable of changing the negative narratives reminiscent with the kingdom and stereotype associated with traditional kingship.

Adanu Isaiah expressed gratitude to the monarch for the opportunity to interface with him and prioritizing the welfare, peace, unity and wellbeing of his subjects for which the youth of Apa-Agatu are an integra part.

The youth activist reminded the Och’Idoma on the need to carry the youth of all sheds of opinions along and emphasize that the youth are blessed and gifted with in built features and characteristics that could add value to his reign.

He advocated the convening of political, social, economic, security and cultural summits to proffer lasting solution to the miriad and plethora of social-economic challenges bedeviling Apa Agatu and staring them in the face.

Adanu suggested profiling of personalities of Idoma extraction male and female with tremendous records of service delivery, professional and track records of excellence, human capital development, social investment, institutions of bursary scholarship, skills acquisition, vocational training, provision of job opportunities, facilitation and attraction of federal Institutions of higher learning to the kingdom.

Responding HRM AGABAIDU JOHN ELAIGWU ODOGBO OBAGAJI express delight at the visit of the youth to the palace adding that the visit is one among the series of visits lined up by the palace to enable the paramount ruler interact and interface with Idoma young lads with a view to steming the tide of moral decadence prevalent among the youth and enhancing moral rebirth and rejuvenation in the land.

Och’Idoma berated Idoma youth for what he called lack of respect for the elders and traditional rulers who are custodians of culture and traditions.

He took a swipe at those youth who are found of insulting him and other leaders in Idoma kingdom in the name of politics and advice them to desist from such act capable of ruining their future for life.

The royal father who was excited at the visit of the group described their national coordinator as his son and a personal friend of many years, he extole the virtue of comrade Adanu Isaiah whom he said has demonstrated sterling and examplary leadership qualities by taking the gauntlet on behalf of his people and championing/leading the agitation to have his party zone the deputy governorship position to his area (Apa-Agatu), reiterating that even though he is not a politician and that the eventual occupier of the position from Otukpo is his good friend of many years standing, Apa-Agatu deserved equal treatment as a pivotal component unit of Idoma kingdom, emphasizing that posterity will be kind to Adanu Isaiah and his group for their genuine effort by projecting Apa- Agatu interest in all facet, noting that the palace and Idoma council of Chief has taking note of the group contributions and will be contacted to bring their wealth of experience to bear when the time of the summit is ripe.

Och’Idoma endorsed the suggestion and proposal of the group to have some individuals with huge developmental contributions imotalized and rewarded with Chieftaincy title adding that while some of the nominees are not qualified for such honour a huge percentage of those listed by the group are worthy ambassadors of Idoma nation and are over qualified for such royal honour emphasizing that as soon as he moves into the permanent Och’Idoma palace under construction he will begin the process for the formalization of the award, honour and title.

He advised the youth to stay clear from drugs, drunkenness, prostitution, indecent dressing and thuggry to guarantee a better and brighter future.

The climax of the interface was a part on the back of the youth leader and blessing as well as prayer for good health and protection for the group leadership and it’s members to break more ground in show casing and projecting the rich cultural heritage of Idoma nation to the world.



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