5 SEO strategies you need to implement on your website for fast result

SEO is deep and as such, its required special techniques to get your site on Google 1st page, here are 5 SEO strategies you need to implement on your website for fast result

SEO strategies you’ll always need to implement on your website. Here’s how to get your site onto page #1 of google for any keyword in your industry:

1. Keyword Research:

Don’t overcomplicate the process. Pick a seed word in any industry and analyse the volume. Explore phrase matches with SEO research tools like ah-refs or semrush. Reduce keyword difficulty to (0%-30%) and set minimum search volume as 150 and above.

2. Keyword Mapping:

Pick one of the keywords from your sorting list with a specific intent. Find other alternate and related phrases that match the keyword with your research tool.

Examine each volume and difficulty, and narrow the content creation and targeting for each topic. This will strengthen your topical relevance. The algorithm wants you to exercise expertise on every content as a professional.

3. Content Creation:

There’s no big secret or magic to SEO content creation. If you optimize your content rightly, the algorithm will favour you. And even when you do it wrongly, the algorithm will still favour you but not for long-term. Google wants every blog and content creators to prove their expertise on every published and ranking content.

The algorithm requirement for great content is already under your control. Pick your primary target keyword (PTK) and explore rivals’ results on search engines. Emulate their concept of writing and 10x the content value.

4. On-page Optimization:

Five core factors that strengthen ON-PAGE SEO are, page URL (Permalink), Page Title, Heading tags, Content Clusters and Meta Description. To leverage rankings on search engine result pages (SERP), you need:
– A good content, relevant to your target keywords
– An easy website for google to crawl and understand
– Quality and relevant backlink (vote of support, relevance and recommendation).

5. Link Building (Of-page):

It is impossible to rank long-term on any keyword with potential without backlink. This are vote of confidence and trust, and they’re 3 best strategies to build them:
– Guest Posting: Here you offer content to websites in your niche & include a link back to your site from within.
– HARO: You just provide industry expertise to journalists by offering experience on any chosen topic.
– Pay for Links: Here you find any site you need a link reference from. Reach out to the site owner & negotiate your offer for link placement.

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