3 Pillars That Distinguishes A Person by Charles Awuzie

Charles Awuzie is a software engineer, CyberSecurity Expert, Tech StartUp CEO and international speaker on business, technology, reformation and leadership. He is currently residing live in South Africa but originally from Nigeria.

In one of his daily life teaching on his medium, Charles Awuzie went ahead to stated the major 3 Pillars that distinguishes a person.

1) Boundaries:

People will treat you how you TEACH them to treat you – not how you expect them to treat you.
Setting a boundary is the guideline you offer to those in your life on how to treat you. When you create boundaries, you let those around you know their limits.
If you have no boundaries, people will treat you as they please.
If you desire to stand out, create boundaries today.

2) Protocols:

You don’t need to be the president to create protocols. It is not pride, it is orderliness. Only elements of no value get accessed by everyone, at all time and at anywhere. As a leader, let those under you follow a systematic protocol lest you abort your vision in the labor room. Wisdom is knowing for whom and when to break your protocols. But first, create the protocols and when the time comes, you will know when to break them.

3) Principles:

The person who dreams to become a principality must first become principled. Let people know that you can’t be bought or manipulated. It is better to be hated but respected than to be liked but disrespected. If you must choose between being liked and being respected, choose being respected…you will need respect more than you will need love in your journey to greatness…BUHARI is hated but respected while Jonathan was loved but disrespected.

Jonathan took several insults which Buhari refused to take. You can hate Buhari but you know that if you call his wife a thief without evidence, everywhere will be ‘Nga Nga.’
Boundaries – Protocols – Principles: If you haven’t created these 3, you might be risking too much.

My name is Charles Awuzie and I have boundaries, I operate by protocols and I have principles that form my character.


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