The Emir of Gumel, HRH Alh. Ahmed Mohammed Sani II, has given his blessings to Prince Adewole Adebayo of the Social Democratic Party (SDP).

This was during Prince Adebayo’s visit to honor the invitation to the Emirate of Gumel Durbar Festival in Jigawa State on Saturday, 8th October, 2022.
The SDP presidential candidate was received by the Emir of Gumel before the Durbar Festival commenced.
In his speech, Prince Adewole noted that his visit to Gumel is an example of politics without bitterness.
He said, “When our Emir was in politics as general secretary of the GMPP, the motto of the party is politics without bitterness, and that was what the peace accord was meant to be”.

“In doing our politics, we are going to disagree on issues, but we would give no bitterness. We will compete on ideas; we will see ourselves as children of Nigeria and leaders of Nigeria. We are brothers, even if we disagree on issues we don’t disagree in persons, and our followers and supporters will know that they, too, are brothers and sisters, that election will be over and Nigeria will continue”, he said.

He noted that the SDP is committed to eradicating poverty and insecurity and this is the message of hope that has been brought to the people of Gumel in Jigawa state.

He said, “What has been slowing them down is that they need a government that is committed to eradicating security and eradicating poverty and that is what message we have brought here. By the time that we will come here next year, insha Allah we will be in government and you will see a lot of projects in this emirate”.

The Emir of Gumel, HRH Alh. Ahmed Mohammed Sani II(CON) gave his blessings, prayed for him and expressed his support for Prince Adewole Adebayo.

Prince Adewole was accompanied by his entourage made up of Sen. Alkali Baba (The Saraduna of Gumel), Alhaji Shehu Gabam(SDP National Chairman), Solomon Dalung, Godwin Osigbeme, Ali Shettima SDP Kano State Chairman and other Jigawa state party Excos.


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